We are your right partner for every good to be transported like;

  • Bulk goods
  • Waste transports¬†
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Part and full loads

National and international transport;

  • with tipping containers
  • with tarpaulin saddle
  • with tipper trailer

We provide part and full loads, both nationally and internationally.

In order to meet your requirements, we have a number of different containers ( aluminum containers, tipping containers), vehicles (trucks with different dimensions) and technologies (telematics) at our disposal.

A central point of our range of services is combined transport, which brings you many advantages.

Combined Traffic

Combined transport is the linking of different transport routes. We connect to road to the rails. This means that the containers with your goods are brought to a loading terminal by truck and loaded onto wagons there.

From there, the goods are taken to the countries and regions where ther destination is located.

The truck only takes care of the last few kilometers and distributes the containers to individual customers, partners or branches.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

As a forwarding agency, we make sure that we are as Co2 friendly as possible.
And have been Co2 neutral since last year.

Reliable rides

Reliable rides

As a long-standing company, we pay great attention to punctuality and fast routes.

Your forwarding agent

Your forwarding agent

We pay great attention to the connection with our customers, we are always available for them.

What advantages does combined transport offer you?

Advantage of low cost

Transport companies and their customers have to accept constantly higher expenses for diesel and eco-tax. The combined transport saves us and you a very large part of these costs.
Transporting goods by rail is cheaper than by road. The truck toll is also eliminated on this traffic route and there are lower personnel costs.
Therefore, combined transport can and will save you a lot of expenses which results into bigger profits for you.

Advantage of high ecological compatibility

With combined transport you can also actively contribute to the preservation of our environment.
Lower diesel consumption also reduces the amount of exhaust gases emitted. 
In addition, if most of the delivery traffic is shifted to rail, the highways and roads do not have to be expanded. 
In this way, nature is not further destroyed.         

Advantage of great security and punctuality

          Trains are among the safest means of transport. This is extremely important, especially when transporting dangerous goods. 
          In addition, unlike trucks, trains are independent of traffic jams and weather conditions. 
          This and the fact that you can determine the departure and arrival times of trains very precisely, help to plan your own transports and delivieries.
          Also, the rest periods and driving bans on Sundays and public holidays are eliminated.

As you can see, combined transport offers every entrepreneur a huge number of advantages that no one should work without.