Reicheneder Transport GmbH

We are your right partner for every good to be transported like;

  • Bulk goods
  • Waste transports 
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Part and full loads

National and international transport;

  • with tipping containers
  • with tarpaulin trailer 13.6 meters.

We help you with part and full loads, both nationally and internationally

In order to meet your requirements, we have a large number of container (aluminum containers), vehicles (trucks with different dimensions) and technologies (telematics) available.

A central point of our range of services is combined transport, which brings you many advantages.

Combined Traffic

Combined transport is the linking of different transport routes. We connect to road to the rails. This means that the containers with your goods are brought to a loading terminal by truck and loaded onto wagons there.

From there, the goods are taken to the countries and regions where ther destination is located.

The truck only takes care of the last few kilometers and distributes the containers to individual customers, partners or branches.

Environmentally friendly

As a transport company, we take great care to be as Co2 friendly as possible.

Reliable rides

As a long-standing company, we pay great attention to punctuality and direct routes.

Your transport company

We pay great attention to the connection with our customers and are always available for you.

Why combined shipping?

The linking of transport routes is particularly helpful in achieving environmental goals, as goods are moved less on roads and more on rails. This leads to less traffic on the roads, less traffic jams and fewer pollutant emissions. In addition, noise pollution is significantly reduced due to less road traffic.

Advantages of combined transport

  • Road relief by shifting to rail

  • Greatly reduced pollutant emissions through increased energy-efficient rail use

  • Reduced noise emissions

  • Combined transport makes it easier to open up market segments

  • Truck drivers can easily comply with statutory rest periods

  • Shippers without a direct siding are also able to ship goods over long distances

  • Trucks in the pre-carriage and on-carriage may weigh 44 instead of 40 tons, which results in a higher transport capacity

  • Constant and fast availability of cargo space