Our constantly growing fleet currently includes:

    • Aluminum containers with 7.8m (24 feet) 48 cbm for tipping
    • Tilting chassis for recording the CT
    • Tractor units (partly ADR)
    • Tarpaulin trailer 13.6 meters.

If required, we can also provice you with other truck types: 

    • Mega trailer (3m loading height)
    • Trailer train
    • Small-Truck (7.5 t)

Tipping Container

  • Measurements: 24 feet 7.8 meters, 48 cbm
  • Maximum transport weight: 
       approx.25t road;
       approx.31t combined transport
  • For goods of any kind
  • Can also be used for dangerous goods
  • Loading from above and behind is possible
  • Unloading by tipping or Unloading by crane